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I'm Amber Houston and I live in Arizona. It's really hot here. Like, so hot.

I like art, I like appreciating art, I like sharing art, I like making friends with people who also like art, I like making art. Art art art. It's all I do, really.

This isn't my art blog, though! This is my personal blog. I post art I like and art my friends make, cuz yo they have great art and that needs to be shared.

Links below to my art blog and my deviantART.

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So Icy Blitzwing saw some kids playing DDR in an arcade, and Random immediately wanted to try it. Sadly, he was too large to fit inside the building, and his stabilizing servos would press all of the buttons at once. Not easily discouraged, the eccentric Con asked Professor Sumdac if he could create a larger, Cybertronian-compatible version of DDR. 

And then he challenged Breakdown to a song-set.

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