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I'm Amber Houston and I live in Arizona. It's really hot here. Like, so hot. This is my personal blog. I like cartoons and comics and movies and drawing. Sometimes I make graphics, mostly I reblog stuff. deviantART ART BLOGMusic Tag
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If I get into aatr3 basically all my rounds are gonna be this so heads up

If I get into aatr3 basically all my rounds are gonna be this so heads up

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    Hey guys, let’s bring back a meme that grew the biggest amongst the AATR related memes!; The Piggyback Meme, started by...
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    Why are we all…especially the half-ton robot, climbing onto the guy made out of hay and twigs? Chivalry?
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    I WONDERED why everyone was doing this on DeviantArt all of a sudden. XD Who knew it started on Tumblr. (I think it’s...
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    http://s22.postimg.org/v9m0fx5cx/piggyback.jpg Or this //s23.postimg.org/qz37pyru3/piggyback_1.jpg
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    #aatr #I could never do that because the only one who could pull it off is Dreizen and he’d fucking eat me Damn skippy...
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